Does Your Construction Business Require A Misting System?


Cooling and humidification are very important in any construction business. It helps ensure humidity levels are regulated and makes the working environment conducive. Such humidification levels can easily be achieved by installing a misting system from

A misting system is simply a modern-day high-pressure cooling system. It consists of a series of misting nozzles pressurized in a tube to spray water droplets of 5 to 50 microns. A Misting system is also effective in dust suppression required in a construction business.  Here are a few reasons why your construction business needs a misting system;

Air Cleansing

As mentioned, the misting system is also used in dust suppression. Construction work may lead to a lot of impurities being released into the air. This dust leads to health risks such as allergies and respiratory problems. With a misting system, the water droplets capture the impurities and pollutants and deposit them to the ground thereby clearing and purifying the air.

Temperature Control

Any construction work involves a lot of outdoor activities. What’s more, the residential building being constructed will need some form of cooling during construction. A misting system helps lower the temperatures by about 25degrees which can rarely be achieved by an indoor AC.

Insect Control

Suppose your construction activities take place near a water body, the chances of having mosquito infestation are high. A misting system can help prevent this. The small drop formed by the system ensures there will be no insect flying underneath it. It can help get rid of flies and pests as well.

Cheap And Flexible

Any standard AC is designed to be used for indoor activities. These ACs are often expensive and tend to malfunction. The opposite holds true for misting systems, they’re pocket-friendly as they do not require any form of power to function and rarely malfunction. What’s more, these systems can be used anywhere including construction sites.

Beat the competition

Since you are working on a construction, let’s say residential building, adding a misting system in your projects may attract more potential clients. It is easy to install and a great feature to keep employees and potential clients cool. The system is not stationary and you can move it to fit your convenience.

Misting systems are great for commercial businesses that offer outdoor activities such as parks. Since not all businesses have this system, incorporating them into your construction projects puts you ahead of the competition.

Perfect for greenhouses

Misting systems are not just for humans, they are also useful in the agricultural world, more so greenhouses. These greenhouses are effective for food production but they must maintain a certain level of humidity and temperature. A misting system can help achieve these levels by getting the right amount of moisture and ensuring the plants are constantly damp.

To achieve the right cooling and humidification effect, you need the right system. The misting system will help cool the air while purifying it. It also helps prevent insect infestation, keeps plants damps while helping you beat the competition.

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