4 Ways The Laundry Business is Changing Post Pandemic


If you are looking to start a laundry business post-pandemic, you could look at Continental Girbau for suitable laundry equipment. There’s a lot to adjust to from how the laundry business used to run. Also, laundry owners have a lot more to do, which revolves around hygiene. For instance, your employees need to have to wear masks and gloves when handling laundry.

Next, you should consider investing in an industrial washing machine to handle the amount of washing available. This type of equipment offers you more features compared to the home washing machine. Still, you will have to clean the machines as often as to maintain high standards of hygiene. Also, to meet Covid 19 safety guidelines, you’ll have to place sanitizers in almost every corner of your laundromat. But, this is not all. There are several other ways you can adjust your business to adapt post pandemic. Let’s dive right in.

4 Ways The Laundry Business is Changing Post Pandemic

Running a business in this period is not as easy. While no one can predict how long the pandemic will last, businesses will continue operating. However, there’s a lot to adjust to, and laundry owners have to uphold safety measures. This they can do by:

Mobile Technology

Before the pandemic, it was safe to pay using cash, but now things are different. Similar to transport and food delivery, the laundry business is also adjusting to using mobile apps. Have multiple payment options to encourage cashless payments. With a variety of options, you can attract more clients to pay using the most preferred option. A laundry app will allow customers to book laundry service, time, and delivery. Laundry store owners will accept the request and pick the clothes from the customer. They will then update the clients on the total cost, drop off time, and delivery day.

Social distancing

Social distancing has become the new norm. Store owners will have to space the laundry equipment in their store. This way, you will also reduce the rate at which your staff will be working closer to each other. If you receive clients in your store, you need to add outdoor seats to enhance social distancing. If you have a separate waiting area, the better it is as it gives more room for your clients and employees. Even after the pandemic, most people will have adjusted to the idea of social distancing.

Wash-dry-fold services

Even with the pandemic, businesses will continue operating but after putting some measures in place to adhere to the pandemic safety guidelines. If you were not offering this service before, then this is a perfect time to consider it as part of your services. Wash-dry-fold means that customers can drop off the dirty clothes and pick them later. It is also an ideal method of reducing store visits. With this service, you sort the clothes based on color and texture, then clean, dry, and fold them for drop-off. It’s a convenient way to beat your competition, attract customers and manage the number of people visiting your laundromat.

Staff Training

How often do you offer training sessions to your staff members? For instance, how should staff handle equipment, sort clothes based on the stains, and the maintenance of general store hygiene? Even though there is nothing much that can be done to the dirty clothes, you will need to figure out a way of cleaning the washing machine. As such, training your staff will help them better comply with the new hygiene and pandemic safety guidelines.

The laundry business may not be as busy as it used to be pre-covid. Even then, there will be a difference in the service delivery, especially when considering social distancing. But, be open-minded, adjust to the new normal, and encourage your staff to maintain the safety measures.

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