Why Facebook May Be Perfect For Your Company`s Advertising


When you are looking to do paid ads for your business, there are many platforms you can consider using that are effective and can help you boost sales. You will want to use the services of a reputable social media agency in Bangkok to help optimise and monitor your ads and ensure you see an excellent return on your investment. One of the best platforms for advertising is Facebook, and there are various reasons for this, some of which are listed below to show you how big advertising on this platform can be.

The Biggest Platform

Out of all the social media platforms you can advertise on, Facebook is the biggest and boasts around 2.9 billion active monthly users. As such, your ads will be far-reaching and can help you increase sales and brand awareness of your company.

A Lot Of Daily Users

Around 70% of users of Facebook claim that they visit the platform daily, so there is a high chance of getting your ads in front of the people for which they are relevant. Around 49% of these daily visitors visit the platform multiple times a day, increasing your chances of getting your ads in front of the people who will buy.

The Average User Age

Some products and services target specific groups, and if you target a younger audience, Facebook could be ideal. The average age of the daily Facebook user is between 25 and 34, giving you access to a significantly large demographic with higher disposable income.

The Average Dwell Time

When users come to Facebook, the average amount of time they spend on the platform is around 33 minutes, which gives you lots of time to reach your target audience. The more time people spend on a social media platform, the more exposure they will receive to the paid ads on the network.

Use Mobile Friendly Ads

The vast majority of people use a mobile device to access Facebook, around 98.5% of people. Out of this number, almost 82% will only access the platform using a mobile device, which shows how important it is to target these mobile users.

It Is Popular With Marketers

Of all the money companies spend on paid advertising across various platforms, 25% of the money goes to Facebook ads. The only company with higher ad revenue is Google, which is around 29%. When looking for a social media platform to advertise your business, Facebook is an excellent platform that can show you fantastic returns on your investment.

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