Role of the Executive Consultant: Inside the Mind of Kevin Modany


Businesses have changed over the years with the advent of the internet and the development of the interconnected global market. Now more than ever, it is imperative that companies make intelligent decisions at a rapid pace, sticking close to the competition along the way.

Kevin Modany is an experienced executive consultant and the Managing Director of Bluerock Partners. A Certified Public Accountant, Kevin Modany utilizes an advanced skill set to guide his clients toward solutions in their professional lives.

What Does Kevin Modany Do As An Executive Consultant?

An executive consultant is an experienced business professional with unique skills. Organizational consultants are brought on board for both short-term and long-term assignments as they assist high-level executives with decisions relating to strategic planning, operational costs, or potential mergers.

Kevin Modany utilizes his background in accounting to help inform his financial decision-making skill sets. A seasoned professional, Modany uses his skills to provide advice and support concerning financial management, strategic planning, leadership, and due diligence.

Trends in Executive Consultancy

Executive consultants must grow with the rest of the industry to meet new 21st Century Challenges. Kevin Modany highlighted various trends that are imperative to organizational consultants going forward.

  • Digital Platform Expansion – The COVID-19 pandemic, paired with our increasingly online lives, has made digital platforms impossible to ignore for executives. Digital platform expansions are imperative in today’s thriving digital market. Executives must be skilled at working with data and analytics management.
  • Business Model Adoption – Innovation requires differentiating oneself from the rest of the competition. Executive consultants can help to create thriving and innovative new business models before efficiently bringing them to the market for their clients. Organizational consultants must integrate client feedback during the process.
  • Career Growth – Executive consultants will work under the branches of a consulting firm, taking on clients and projects as they gain higher positions within a company. Kevin Modany is optimistic about the profession’s future, and he believes there is a ton of room for growth in the coming years.

Skills of an Executive Consultant

Executive consultants are in high demand due to their advanced skill sets and ability to render solutions to today’s most common problems. Kevin Modany touted a few key attributes that the consultants of tomorrow must possess.

  • Analytical Skills – Consultants must be objective as they devise targeted solutions for specific problems. Analytical skills require pinpointing patterns, evaluating data sets, and making unbiased and informed choices.
  • Financial Analysis – Kevin Modany utilizes his background as an accountant to improve his financial analysis skills. Consultants should design a strategy surrounding their own skill sets.
  • Project Management – Executive consultants are in charge of complex projects and the tasks involved in accomplishing them. Consultants must exhibit excellent project management skills in a multifaceted environment.

Finding success as an executive consultant is a challenging task. Kevin Modany believes that by adhering to the abovementioned concepts, consultants should be primed to find success.

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