How to plan a strategic Content Calendar for my brand


 Nowadays it is a must to have a Marketing Content Calendar for your business no matter what you sell. This will help you and your business to engage with your audience and eventually convert.

This content calendar should be planned in advance – every month – so that you’re able to implement all the activities needed on time. Regardless of your preferred channel of communications this is an essential part of your Marketing Strategy and will specially serve you on Social Media, Events, Public Relationships, Social Ads, Email Marketing, and more.

Pro tip: If you’re already working with an  Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency they should already have this content calendar created and you could use it to align your whole marketing efforts with it.

Content Calendar Creation (Step by step)

Every month is different and within it we celebrate different holidays, anniversaries, sales days and more. Also, for each country these days might vary, that’s why it is important to get ahead of it and prepare your calendar on time and according to your business location.

  1. Search online for special holidays each month in advance

Go ahead and do a bit of a research on special marketing days, this could be for both international or country based dates. Once you find the dates, select those which align with your brand or campaign purposes to use this angle. Moreover, you may be working with stores for many different countries and the content calendar will be different for all. For eg. for an Ethnic Indian Wear Store like Trendia, we researched and focussed on campaigns around Diwali while for a store in Ireland, we would send campaigns on St Patricks’ day.

  1. Create a sheet to plan your content calendar

There might be other platforms you might prefer to plan your content calendar but here we’ll focus on a free and easy one. Create a brand new google sheet with at least 4 different columns: Holiday, Date, Campaign Name, Offer/Angle. This last one should be aligned to your holiday and marketing goals – sales, engagement, get to know your audience.

Holiday – Special day you found during your research, for example: National Hug day, Black Friday, Martin Luther King day and more.

Date – Calendar day (01/01/2022)

Campaign Name – This is mostly for you to identify and organize your content, I personally recommend you to use the same format every time to keep everything organized.

Offer Angle – Here, you’ll add a brief description on the offer and the selected angle for your campaign, for example: Give back a virtual hug, Black Friday Teaser, MLK Sale.

You can also add an extra column for comments or extra info or assets. Make this calendar template based on your needs and strategy and be constant with it so that your whole marketing efforts payoff.

All these tips I’ve given you should be used to engage with your audience but since we know it’s almost impossible to keep them 100% engaged forever it’ll be important to do a list scrub from your Database and here’s how to clean up your Email List to improve your deliverability.







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