Finding the Right Leads for Your SaaS Business Using Content Marketing


When creating a SaaS content marketing strategy, you might be worried about whether customers will actually discover and connect with your content. While this is not the easiest thing to accomplish, SaaS companies need to keep in mind that the goals of content marketing are two-fold: educate customers on their problems and sell them on why a software subscription is the solution to their problems. A SaaS company that can only do one but not the other will not be successful with its content marketing efforts.

As such, SaaS companies need to make an effort to create multiple types of content to connect with the leads they want to attract. To do this, it is important for SaaS companies to think big and invest in various forms of content. Think blog content, video, whitepapers for email lead magnets, and even a podcast. With that in mind, here’s how SaaS companies can use content to attract leads that will likely adopt their software solution.

Create the right type of content for the right leads

Every potential customer might have a different idea of how they would like to be educated. Some use Google as their primary method of discovering information, while others may like more longform content like whitepapers or prefer the in-depth level of discussion that can only occur on a podcast. A SaaS company with the right content marketing strategy should have the right content marketing channels set up to find customers that are legitimately interested in their software and what that software can provide.

For example, if you provide a software that appeals to hotel chains, you should try to appear on blogs and podcasts that appeal to the B2B tourism industry and discuss these issues at length within your own content. Doing this will help you build trust and brand authority in your SaaS niche and help you find customers who believe enough in that authority to try out your SaaS offering.

Finding better leads

The more content you have, the more leads you are going to attract. However, you want to make sure that your content targets the right leads, and not people who will just sign up for a free trial and then not be interested in your software any further. To do this, look into Google and other content discovery platforms and see what your competitors are doing. Doing a bit of competitive research is always helpful, especially when you are trying to take away market share from another SaaS competitors.

Leads are not interested in brand loyalty as much as they are in trust and authority. By using content to attract leads, and investing in the content necessary to attract these leads, you can possibly bring over new users that are already invested in using software to solve their problems. This skips the crucial step of having to convince a customer that they need a software solution in the first place, and can help you accelerate your SaaS company’s timeline to profitability.

In summary

At the end of the day, the purpose of content is to generate leads. While your conversation rate optimization process will determine whether these clients actually convert on your content, the content itself will help you attract the right types of leads. By investing in multiple types of content, including longform blog posts, video, and podcasts, and also creating a consistent content calendar to publish, you’ll have an excellent platform to espouse about all of the issues related to your SaaS niche. When doing this, you’ll also be able to make sure that the leads you attract are invested in your expertise because they’ll already know your SaaS business is all about based on the quality of your content

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