Executive Consultancy and You: Kevin Modany Highlights Key Traits That Lead to Industry Success


Executive consultants have occupied an increasingly important space in the corporate setting. Kevin Modany is the Managing Director at Bluerock Partners and a Certified Public Accountant. Equipped with a vast array of knowledge and skills, Modany has become one of the industry’s premier executive consultants. Finding success by way of sharing his knowledge with others, Modany quickly realized that he had the skills and aptitude to set himself apart from the competition.

Looking back on his successes since becoming an executive consultant in 2016, Modany decided to share some of the insights and lessons that the has learned along the way. Throughout the experiences, Modany found certain insights that he feels are important to potential consultants.

So, What Is an Executive Consultant For?

Executive consultants are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can analyze data sets, interpret problems, and communicate solutions. Typically working with high-level executives, people like Kevin Modany help to guide their clients toward solutions that manifest about problems in the workplace.

An executive consultant will help clients navigate certain challenges and opportunities before giving them the necessary solutions. Modany suggests that executive consultants are typically reserved for short-term assignments, though they could temporarily join the company’s executive team to implore further growth.

No matter when and where executive consultant makes their way into the industry, Kevin Modany suggests that they will have to be able to tackle a certain set of objectives within the workplace.

  • Data Analysis – Consultants must be able to complete a SWOT analysis to help identify strengths, problems, and potential solutions.
  • Communication Skills – Executive consultants are also important for rendering information into a simple communication before passing it from management to the rank and file.
  • Prepare Mergers – Executive consultants are also called upon to support senior executives with strategic guidance pertaining to organizational mergers or restructuring programs.

Something To Look Forward To

While executive consultants are still relatively new to the scene, they are only increasing in importance. Kevin Modany believes that several positive trends showcase the importance of consultants in the coming years.

  • Platform Expansion – Digital expansion into newer mediums will be part and parcel of the executive consultant’s work going forward.
  • Innovation Adoption – The industry is always plunging forward, and executive consultants are called upon to ensure their clients can keep up.
  • Bright Career Prospects – Companies often look to consultants to increase their productivity while streamlining their operations. This isn’t a service that aims to vanish any time soon.

Kevin Modany believes that a prepared mind is a sharp tool for an executive consultant. Staying abreast of possibilities while preparing for the future can be a great way to stay ahead of the competition, according to Kevin Modany.

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