Why Is the Disposable Vape Device So Popular?


The disposable vape is now found in many retail stores and shop counters, forming a hugely significant part of the vaping success story. But why is this? What makes them such a popular way to vape? Many are now using a disposable vape as a starting point when looking to give up smoking cigarettes, as they provide a similar sensation at a fraction of the cost of smoking. In this short piece, we will discuss what characteristics make them such a good idea and why their popularity has remained constant with all types of vapers.

The Makeup of The Disposable

While the basic design has remained unchanged, developments in materials, manufacturing and extension of the unit’s life span have all improved its design. The disposable vape device is a fairly small device consisting of an internal powered battery and a sealed tank pre-filled with flavoured e-liquid. It differs from other vape devices in that there is no recharging or refilling; the battery contains enough charge to expend the e-liquid; once empty, it just needs disposing of. Advances in vaping technology by manufacturers such as Geek bar mean that a single disposable vape lasts for somewhere in the region of 500 – 600 puffs, equating to around two full packets of cigarettes. With the continual rising cost of cigarettes, the price of a single disposable (about £6) means there is no comparison; the cost saving alone is a valid reason for at least giving vaping a go.

Why They Work Well

Disposable vapes are very easy to use, lending themselves as an excellent starting point to the vaping world. But they also have other qualities that mean seasoned vapers use them as a secondary or backup device. Let’s investigate why disposable vapes are so consistently popular –

  • The compact design of disposables means they fit in the pocket or purse when commuting or on a night out without needing refills or chargers.
  • Disposable vapes are more discreet and are a solution when at work or in a situation where a quick, easy vape is required.
  • They are a reliable backup; many vapers (myself included) keep a disposable to hand in case of breakdowns or failure of their primary device.
  • The sealed unit means no messy refilling, which appeals to some; this also is a great quality when travelling.
  • New vapers can try vaping without investing large amounts of their hard-earned cash or learning to use a complicated device.

The disposable vape is also excellent at recreating the sensations of smoking cigarettes, especially when combined with an e-liquid containing the newer Salt nic form of nicotine.

Where To Start?

If you are unsure what disposable to try, head for one of the well-respected manufacturers such as Elf Bar or Geek Bar; both have an excellent range of disposable vape pens in a wide range of tasty flavours. The Dinner lady’s offerings are always well-regarded, and the disposables from the superbly-named Nasty are also well-rated.

If you are looking for a means to give up smoking, you should try a disposable vape; it might change your life.

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