What Are the Most Common Types of FOD?


It is important for you to make sure that you have a safe environment in which to work. If there is a lot of debris scattered across the floor, this can be a hazard to employees, customers, business partners, and valuable pieces of equipment. Of course, the first step in cleaning up this issue is to identify common types of foreign object debris. Frequently shortened to FOD, this can be a major issue. Take a look at some of the most common types of foreign object debris below!

Tools and Loose Hardware Are Common

In a lot of cases, foreign object debris actually includes tools and loose hardware that might have been left out. There are a lot of situations where people might be performing maintenance work or repair jobs on various parts of the building. There might also be maintenance tasks that have to be completed on certain pieces of equipment. Sometimes, tools and loose hardware are scattered across the floor and may not be picked up. Then, despite being sucked up by other pieces of equipment that might be rolling by. Or, people make it hurt as well. It is important to remove tools and loose hardware from the floor.

Fragments of Pavement

Particularly for those who have a road or runway in the area, fragments of payment are among the most common types of foreign object debris. Over time, the road and pavement might get damaged. Then, loose pieces of payment might be scattered about. This can lead to serious problems, particularly when it comes to tire punctures. Or, someone might run over this piece of broken pavement and shoot it somewhere else. This can turn the pavement into a dangerous projectile.

Rocks and Sand Are Common Types of FOD

Finally, rocks and sand might also be present on the runway or road in the area. Even though this might not sound like a major issue, rocks and sand can also turn into dangerous projectiles. Or, they can damage the equipment when it gets run over. Even though rocks and sand might be difficult to spot, it is important to look for them regularly and clean them up if they are noticed.

Reduce the Dangers Caused by Foreign Object Debris

These are just a few of the most common types of foreign object debris that might be present. It is important for everyone to make sure that they produce the dangers that are posed by FOD. That is where a specialized sweeper can be helpful. It is important to invest in machinery that can scan the floor and remove common types of foreign object debris before it can lead to damage.

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