Here’s How To Avoid The Start-up Costs Associated With New Business Ventures


Every business needs an office space, but setting one up is easier said than done. It involves a lot of time and effort, and a considerable amount of money, to put everything into place. You’re going to need office furniture, all the latest technological machines, and then also staff to man it for you during business hours, and after business hours. Most likely, you will need to employ an office manager to keep everything running smoothly, and before you know it, you’ve accrued thousands of dollars in bills for something that could have been quite easily avoided.

Everything in one place.

Serviced offices provide you with everything that you will need, but at a fraction of the cost, that would normally be associated with such a move. The offices come fully equipped and furnished with every possible thing that you might need for your business to run smoothly. You can also pay as you go, and so you get to avoid the long-term leases that are associated with permanent fixtures. There are numerous locations to choose from depending on the product or service that you offer, and as an example, you could move to suite 1a level 2 802 pacific highway in Gordon, which is currently available in a fantastic location.

The benefits.

But why should you choose a serviced office and what are the benefits associated with such a move. Here are just a few of those benefits.

  • Minimum overheads – Any new startup will tell you, that the most difficult thing about setting up a new business, is the amount of overheads that you have to pay, even before you open the front doors for business. Any way to avoid these unnecessary overheads cannot be ignored, and a serviced office provides you with a cheaper way to meet your needs. 
  • Ready for business – Once you decide to move into a serviced office, everything is already set up for you, you have the opportunity to move into an office that is totally fitted out, and phone lines and Internet lines are already there. 
  • Additional facilities – Should you have the need for a conference room or a large meeting room, to entertain potential customers and create the right first impression, then these are available to you and you only pay for them when you use them.

These are only a few of the numerous benefits of serviced offices, and that if you want to hit the ground running in your new business venture, then this is the only business option that you should be looking at right now.

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