Getting Orange County business license


If you plan to open a liquor shop in Florida, it is necessary to understand the procedures and the documentation required. Getting a liquor license truly can be an exhaustive task. However, many legal companies have emerged to help get the Orange County business license for the business.

This article discusses the basics that you need to know before pursuing the business.

Types of licenses

In Florida, there are many licenses given for selling different beverages. For example, if you want to sell just beer, then you can get a consumption-on-premise license. If you want to sell wine, then also you can get a consumption-on-premise license. Note that getting a license for beers and wines is comparatively easy and is granted unlimited. This is not the case with selling liquor. For selling liquor, there are different types of licenses that you may need.

These are:

  • Full license-These are the licenses issued by the state authorities. These are limited in number and granted to people who can meet the required criteria. Note that for getting a full license, you’ll be obligated to open up the details, such as the number of seats in the bar, etc.
  • Quota license-These are transferable This means that you can get a quota license only from an existing license holder. These licenses are generally granted to the people who are unable to meet the full license criteria.
  • Beer and wine license- These licenses are usually easily granted and can be used for any type like a bar, restaurant or store.

How to get a license?

The procedure looks easy and simple but can take time to complete. If you want to set up a store, you need to first determine what type of liquor license you need? So decide on what you’ll be selling? Once you have decided on the type, decide if you want to get it from the state or purchase it from a pre-existing holder. After this, you can easily apply for a license, complete the documentation and get an approval.

In case you want to get the work done easily, contact the license specialists in Florida like the Beverage License Specialists for your Orange County business license. You will get the services to get a license for your new store and if you need one for expanding the current business.

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