EyeCare Partners Acquires CEI Vision Partners From Mark Hauser


Cincinnati-based Hauser Private Equity recently formed an acquisition agreement between local eye care provider CEI Vision Partners and St. Louis-based EyeCare Partners, the largest eye care network in the United States.

As a private equity firm that has worked with numerous industries, managing partner Mark Hauser frequently forms key partnerships that best facilitate the companies in their private equity funds to quickly grow and maximize returns. After three years of aggressive growth strategy and acquiring local eye care practices like Dayton Eye Care, the acquisition by EyeCare Partners represents a major step in the practice network’s growth.

David Clark, CEO of EyeCare Partners, stated in a press release, “Our partnership with CEI Vision Partners will be transformative in the industry, creating a premier network of top doctors who can deliver the best patient outcomes, patient experiences, and highest efficiencies in the delivery of care.”

Once the acquisition is complete, EyeCare Partners expects to see 3 million patients per year. CEI Vision Partners currently has 47 clinical facilities and 8 ambulatory surgical centers across four states managed by 150 doctors, their ranks will swell to almost 1,000 doctors supported by 6,200 clinicians and support staff across 18 states.

CEI Vision Partners was formed in 2018 as a coordinated effort with Denver-based Revelstoke Capital Partners and the Cincinnati Eye Institute in order to provide managed support to the ophthalmologists and optometrists in the network. Through Hauser Private Equity’s co-investments with Revelstoke Capital Partners, the firms in their private equity funds have experienced rapid growth and enhanced returns. Under the leadership of Mark Hauser and Revelstoke Capital Partners, CEI Vision Partners went on to acquire several local and regional eye care practices prior to becoming an attractive prospect for larger groups like EyeCare Partners (which is owned by Swiss private equity firm Partners Group Holding AG.

“CEI Vision Partners has grown substantially over the last three years by partnering with leading ophthalmology practices in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region, and we are excited to take this growth to the next level in partnership with EyeCare Partners,” said Clyde Bell, CEO of CEI Vision Partners.

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