Enjoy these 2GB daily data plans by BSNL


As one of India’s largest telecom service providers, BSNL offers quite an extensive range of mobile data plans. Users can, therefore, choose what they need and get their requirements covered accurately. The introduction of BSNL recharge online has made it even easier to pick a suitable plan as the users themselves can browse through all the options and recharge.

What are the popular data plans by BSNL?

The users vary greatly in terms of demographics, lifestyle, age, and profession. Accordingly, so does their daily data requirements. Many data plans offered by BSNL have been gaining popularity. Notably, a large section of the users opts for the 2 GB data plans such as:

  • INR 198 pack: This is certainly the most popularly purchased data pack. Lasting for 54 days, it offers 2GB of data per day. Especially with the use of mobile data rapidly growing among the masses, this pack is suitable for those who consume large amounts of data every day.
  • INR 98 pack: Costing about half of the INR 198 pack, it offers 2GB data per day too. However, the validity is halved in this case, with the pack lasting for 22 days.
  • INR 13 pack: If you do not usually use mobile data but need it for a single day, this INR 13 pack will be helpful. It offers 2GB of data valid for only a day.
  • INR 197 pack: This is yet another pack offering 2GB data per day. This pack comes with a validity of eighteen days.

Apart from the two 2GB packs, several other popular ones are available too. While some offer a specified amount of data each day during the validity period, other packs give a total amount of data that the users can spend as they please. For instance, you may go for a pack that gives you 1.5GB of data per day or one that delivers for 14 days, or a pack that offers 40GB for 28 days. In other words, the BSNL recharge plan options offer a great deal of flexibility.

How to choose the right pack for yourself?

Now that you have a large range of options, you might find it difficult to pick the most suitable package for your requirements. Here are some of the usage levels that you might want to consider:

  • Low usage: If you use your mobile data only to surf the internet now and then, check mails or run search engines, you may consider it to be a low usage. A BSNL recharge that offers less than 2 GB data per day would be more suitable for you.
  • Medium usage:  Most of the users fall into this category, so the 2GB plans are popular. This applies to you if you play multiplayer games and spend a lot of time on social media using your mobile data.
  • Heavy usage: Typically, the users who depend completely on mobile data to meet all their daily requirements, such as gaming, streaming, work, etc., may require packs offering unlimited data.

Most smartphones come with a feature to track data usage. You may check yours to get an idea of your requirements and opt for a BSNL online recharge or BSNL bill payment accordingly.

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